The Motion League

This league will operate on one hour and a half sessions. Along with their regular weekly league games, each individual will participate in high energy, well structured clinics. Players may sign up as a team or as individuals. There will be officials provided for all games. A formal schedule will be provided at the beginning of the season. Prizes, shirts, and end of session awards will be available.

Age Categories:
Juniors (Grade 4 – 6)
Seniors (Grade 7 – 8)

Girls 3 on 3 League

This league is designed to promote and grow the game of basketball for Girls Only.  Our instructors will review concepts like court awareness, spacing, dribbling, shooting, passing, moving without the ball and most definitely on and off the ball defense.   Achievements awards, game play and t-shirts will be provided.

Age Categories:
Grade 5 – 8

Basketball Rep Teams

Our rep team training will be geared towards the more experienced player. Expert coaching will be given in strategies for playing both offence and defense. Our coaches will teach more refined skills and drills. The players will receive on site video analysis of their game play. Special attention will be focused on positional offensive and defensive play. Players will have a chance to utilize their new found skills during tournaments and exhibition games.

Age Categories:
U10 to U18 Boys & Girls

Basketball Advance Training

Improve your skills by enrolling in this high performance weekly sessions.  Advance training will be intense, semi-private training sessions up to 10 participants.  This program is for participants looking to increase skills, conditioning and basketball IQ. Advance Training gives athletes individualized attention before, during + after their basketball season.

Age Categories:

Tiny Tikes Sports (Small Ball)

We lead the way in providing both boys and girls from ages 4 – 7 an opportunity to try sports for the first time in a fun, affordable and friendly environment. If your child loves sports, wants to try a sport for the first time or is keen to brush up on some basic skills, Motion Ball Sports is the place to be. We have various locations across Toronto, Peel and York Region.